Epizode site is located near Shёngjn, Lezhë, Albania. The exact coordinates are 41°49’10”N 19°33’50”E


The best way to arrive at the festival if you are traveling from outside the Balkans, is by plane. Tirana International Airport is merely an hour away from the town of Shengjin. Flights from all over Europe arrive at TIA, with Italy, Austria, Istanbul, Greece, UK, and Belgium making daily landings. Distance from TIA: 51 km, 1 hour drive

Kukës International Airport Zayed (KFZ), also referred to as Kukës International Airport-North Wings, is an international airport in Kukës. Distance from KFZ: 125km, 2 hours drive

Distance from Podgorica Airport: 108 km, 2 hour drive
Distance from Pristina Airport: 217 km, 2 hour 45 minute drive

The festival ground is located in the northwest corner of Albania. By land, the closest borders to the location are Montenegro and Kosovo. It is easy to find the festival location using your onboard navigation system.

Driving from the North-East, take route E851.

Driving from the North, take route E65, E71 or M18.

Driving from the South, take route SH3.

Albania is bordered by Montenegro and Kosovo on the North, by Macedonia on the East, by Greece on the South, and Italy on the West.

Albania is bordered by Montenegro and Kosovo on the North, by Macedonia on the East, by Greece on the South, and Italy on the West.

If you are driving from Western European countries, the fastest route to the festival is through the ferryboat from the city of Bari in Italy that makes daily travels to the port of Durrës.

The port of Durrës is 1 hour and 11 minute drive from Shëngjin.


During the daytime, children 0 – 12 years do not need a ticket in order to attend the event areas. children under 16 years old (aged 0 – 15) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (18 or over) at all times. If you are 16 or older you can attend on your own, please bring id with you.
Night events are not suitable for children and are for those 18 years of age and older only.


General questions and suggestions: [email protected]

Technical support: [email protected]



Q: What kind of procedure will you apply regarding the Covid-19 pandemic? (Masks, physical distancing, visitors quota, PCR tests, etc)

A: We are closely monitoring the situation while following all official guidelines and all recommendations within the legal framework. We want to reiterate that the safety of our patrons is our most important priority. We will follow all official guidelines and recommendations on safety and will take additional steps to ensure you have the best and most secure experience.


Eᴬ will take place from the 23th of September 2021, 15:00 to the 27th of September 2021, 06:00.

The festival site will be open to visitors 24 hours a day.


Tickets of all categories will be replaced with wristbands. You must not remove it until the end of the festival, or give it to other people. Unlimited entry and exit from the festival site is possible at any time throughout the validity period of your ticket.


It is prohibited to enter the event areas under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. When noticed you will be denied access without the right to a ticket refund.

It is prohibited to enter the event area with the following products or materials: soft drugs, hard drugs, food, (alcoholic) drinks, glassware, (plastic) bottles, cans, flags, sticks, umbrellas, walking sticks (except medical crutches and tools), pets, banners, objects with discrimination and / or provocative texts and / or expressions, battle-, cross-, fire-or shot weapons or other objects that could be used as a weapon, objects which may negatively affect the safety, health or well-being of the visitors, spray cans, atomizers, fireworks, torches, means of transport, professional video-, audio-, recording- and photo equipment (does not include digital compact cameras and mobile phones with cameras function).

Everyone that enters the event area automatically gives permission to be filmed, photographed and sound recorded. The organization may use the pictures and recordings for promotional purposes.

Loud music will be produced in the event area. The organization is not liable for any negative consequences that may occur. The organization recommends using earplugs or occasionally visiting some of the quiet areas to give your ears some rest.

The program is subject to change. If specific acts are canceled. There will be no refund of entrance fees or other costs. The organization will always attempt to find a replacement of the same quality level with a similar music style.

Entering the event areas is at your own risk. The organization cannot be held liable for any injury, material damage and immaterial damage of the visitors of the location / event.


- EPIZODE - is a one of a kind international festival of electronic music. Albanian edition will be held for the first time this year.

An international team of experienced organizers of the largest events in the world from Albania, Europe, and Asia is in charge of the festival. The team states that its main goal is the creation of an event format completely new for the region, where the emphasis is mainly on modern art and music.


4 days and 3 nights

2 stages on the sea shore

Top notch selection of international and regional artists

Media Art: light and laser installations

Art objects

Food courts


Recreation zones